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Commercial parking lot paving and rolling
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//We take pride in our work
Most paving companies just want to get your project finished as quickly and cheaply as possible. We take a different approach as we do parking lot work.

At PLM, while we are concerned about getting your work done quickly so your parking lot has less down time, we would never do so at the expense of quality. We start with great customer service as our project managers get to know your parking lot needs. This protects you as a customer so you don't end up paying for what you don't need or paying for expensive repairs because your parking lot work was done incorrectly.

Striped parking lot
Add to that our commitment to use only the highest quality materials and to meticulously maintain our equipment which allows us to give your parking lot unmatched craftsmanship and durability. We even warranty our paving, sealing, and concrete work for 2 years – and with over 35 years in business you know we will be there to honor our guarantee.

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