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Commercial parking lot rolling and finishing
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Asphalt paving using an automated paver
Paving a parking lot adds aesthetic value to any property.  With PLM the paving and compaction process will be done with the most modern equipment available. Lasers will be used as needed to check the drainage and ensure that water will run properly.
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Sealcoat playground application results
Sealcoating your parking lot is not just for "keeping it black." Protecting your asphalt with sealer is the best way prevent deterioration and keep it structurally sound. Sealer blocks the elements from getting through to your asphalt.
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Concrete pouring and smoothing
PLM's Concrete crew performs a full line of concrete related services including flatwork, curbing, retaining walls, colored concrete, and concrete stamping. Our goal is to provide you with efficient and quality work backed by a guarantee.
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Infrared pavemnent repair and patching
//Infrared Patching
PLM offers a technology known as infrared patching. This process uses infrared heat technology to make a section of asphalt hot enough to be a workable material again. Then we rake the area and add new asphalt and grade as necessary to fill potholes or achieve proper drainage.
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Commercial parking lot asphalt striping
PLM has in house crews that perform all our striping and traffic control. This allows us to get striping for seal coats and paves done faster since we don’t depend on another company’s schedule. No job is too big or small.
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Roadway excavation using a backhoe and dump truck
Site work involves a number of services that have to do with what is below or on the outside of a parking lot. This includes grading, storm sewer systems, and excavation of existing pavements or fill.
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Pipe excavation, back-filling, and finishing
At PLM we have expert project managers and sales reps who will take care of your needs. If you are not sure exactly what your parking lot needs just call and we will schedule an appointment to meet with you and discuss your parking lot.
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Large commercial snow plow
PLM specializes in large commercial (high maintenance) accounts and we are staffed with around the clock supervisors. Many commercial accounts require extensive service seven days a week, and this is where we shine.
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Automated paving machine in operation
View our gallery of images to see more of what Parking Lot Maintenance can do for you.
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