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Don’t be misled that sealcoating your asphalt is only for looks! Asphalt industry studies show a 42-50% savings in maintaining a sealed pavement compared with the cost to maintain and repair unprotected pavement.

PLM makes the best protective sealer and always delivers the highest quality product to our customers. We use bulk coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers from GemSeal and mix it to our exact specification.

Our product is backed by:
  • Third-party testing
  • Verification of undiluted gallons of coal tar and total gallons of sealcoat
  • A 35 year history of satisfied customers

Sealer is a product applied on top of your asphalt pavement intended to form a top wearing coat which will enhance skid resistance and assure a longer lasting pavement life.  Unlike paving and concrete, sealcoating has unique properties which differentiate one product from another.  We make the best protective sealcoating and always deliver the highest quality product to our customers.

The protective coating industry offers numerous application techniques.  These procedures are very effective, but the underlying truth is not answered in the application style.  After 35 years in business, we have perfected the best product on the market.  Our coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers are fortified with rubber and sand additives which achieve longer lasting protection to your asphalt pavement.  These additives are necessary to protect your pavement from the destructive forces of sunlight, gas, oil, water, frost, and snow.

POLYTAR (Click here to see their brochure.) PolyTar is a newer product from GemSeal that PLM began using in 2010.

The addition of polymers allow this sealing product to offer huge benefits over standard coal tar sealer. It offers improved fuel resistance and stronger adhesion to asphalt. As well, unlike most asphalt sealers, PolyTar expands and contracts along with the pavement surface, which allows better protection to the asphalt. In PLMs applications of PolyTar we have seen up to 50% longer sealer life over standard coal tar while only adding a modest increase in cost.

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